The atb market (АТБ-Маркет) located on Zoryanyy Bulʹvar, 3, Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine, today offered its customers a brand new wine and champagne department.

Designed and built by Anarchyture team of designer.


The new wine department welcomed atb's customers today, and customers have been able to choose their favorite wine & champagne in a brand new style wine department, offering different ways to present the different vineyards.


Anarchyture and atb market first cooperation is to be marked by a white stone; in fact, atb market is a forerunner, and the first supermarket in Ukraine which, took the lead to offer to their customers a authentic wine department and champagne shelving, entirely made in the Urban Industrial Vintage style, with a old school touch and atmosphere. Made with solid pine, iron, and copper; amber and black matt color, for the entire wine and champagne department, give to the wine bottles the nobility deserved, and to preserve the aroma and condition of the wine.


atb also like to spoil their customers; in fact, a fresh and delicious self service coffee area pour by the famous “FRANKE” coffee machine, located near the warm made in home bakery.


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