Store cellar furniture

& wine department for supermarket 

We use wood and iron on all our cellar furniture ranges. Noble and warm material, the wood creates an authentic and premium atmosphere in your cellar department. Our cellar displays highlight the quality of your wines and other spirits, invite your customers to take out the bottles, watch them and be tempted ...

Our cellar furniture creations are specially designed for the valuation of your wine bottles. It provides storage space to avoid back-and-forth trips and eye-level exhibition spaces to attract the attention of your customers. Solid pine shelves are robust to withstand heavy loads.

Anarchyture is specialized in wine shelving, cellar and department of wine and spirits for supermarket. We manufacture custom wine shelving, cellar and wine department furniture, respecting certain design traditions; Urban Industrial style and Vintage with a mix of wood and iron, colors of habane and amber wood mixed with matt black iron, gives the bottles an attractive appearance. Our wine shelving, cellar and wine & spirits department are designed, handmade, and are unique for every customer.

The choice of different materials, lights and color allow us to create an atmosphere conducive to the discovery of wines, and other liqueurs. The wood, the warm tones that recall the origin and the terroir of the products are a good starting point.

The wines in particular, are products with a strong seasonality. It is therefore necessary to make the necessary arrangements to highlight the good bottles at the right time.

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Unique & original

The first step in the process of designing a furniture, is determining the appropriate fit, additional space the customer would like to add. Our in-house design team will work with you to determine exactly what changes you need. Your shelving will be unique and designed for your store and or supermarket only..

we attach a special point of honor, that each of our creations is unique for each customer.


Anarchyture design office

Beyond our business expertise and the support of the skills of our design office, we are able to develop models according to specific specifications of any type of business. Want to create a unique piece of furniture for your store? With ANARCHYTURE, we offer you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by creating the furniture that will make the difference.


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Store bakery furniture

& bakery department for supermarket

Thanks to the attention for the aesthetics and the detailed study of the details Anarchyture succeeds in making custom pastry furniture without forgetting the particular tradition that the brand has always represented. Whether it's a traditional pastry shop, a department store or a bakery that wants to expand, we always provides impeccable assistance that also continues at the end of the development to meet all your needs.

In recent years bakeries, coffee shop, bakery department of supermarkets have become sales areas with a trend style and for this reason, they require a thorough design to win the hearts of consumers, Anarchyture keeps the spirit baker tradition to draw his bakery shelving. Always noble and warm material for an authentic atmosphere "feel at home - Make yourself at home"

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