Anarchyture Service Support Includes:

A. Warranty Service Support
We provide free service of any kind of malfunctions which appear during the warranty period, if are not connected with operating rules violation.

B. Equipment
We analyze possible risks and damages to prevent from unexpected malfunctions. Anarchyture will give the necessary recommendations, repair and/or replacement of damaged items.

C. Maintenance
Carries out by specific time periods, and to prevent the equipment from any possible malfunctions and any risks.

D. Installation
Anarchyture will provide for free. a complete installation, or a installion control, if the customer decides to carry out the installation process on his own.





Tailored Services to each Customer.


Service effectively responds to customer requests and operates.


Perfect knowledge of each product and its key features.


We are committed to answering your requests in the next hour.

Spare parts & repair

Spare parts and maintenance, play a key role in ensuring the sucess of the working process and in keeping the equipment in good condition, high level of the performance. We have a range of different spare parts.

Spare parts for display shelving:

- Wood shelf.

- Crates for wine and baked goods.

- Highlight bottle holder.

- Lights item.

- Nuts and bolts.

- Painted chalkboard Art.